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The simplest way to hit six-figures as a solopreneur service provider!


Stop the #hustle!

There is an easier way to reach your income goals without working all the time.

Right now you're doing it all...

You’re trying to piecing it all together and do it all in your business, but none of it seems to go as planned. You're trying to stay visible to potential clients so you can grow your business and keep your current clients happy (half of them you aren’t even sure if you want, am I right?).

You’ve been IN it, I know you have. Doing everything. Working all hours of the day, not knowing what next month will be like or where your next client will come from, waking up feeling more exhausted than the night before, chasing anyone willing to book a call with you.

You are your own virtual assistant, social media manager, copywriter, service provider, project manager, task juggler, coffee maker. (I need a nap, now)

This is not what you pictured when you started your business. You’ve seen proof of the freedom you can give yourself if you can build a business that flows with your life.

You’re right here, right now, because the very thought of being the CEO of your own business, and your life, lights you up!

Imagine life free from hustle...

What if you didn't have to do everything and still hit your income goals? Never having to constantly hustle, promote, worry, and feel like you have to do everything.

What if you didn't have to:

❌ Launch a YouTube channel

❌ Start a podcast or blog

❌ Go live on Instagram once a week

❌ Post on your stories daily

❌ Engage constantly in your free Facebook group

While everyone else is scrambling, you are chill. You have a system that brings clients to you. In fact, you have a WAITLIST of people ready to work with you!

What if you could have it all?!

How would your life change if you were able to make six-figures per year while only working 25 hours per week? And on top of that LOVE your business and clients!

What if you could: 

✅ Offer services your ideal clients wants, and are willing pay full price for, without having to customize everything for each client.

✅ Confidently price your services so you always hit your profit goals and never again have to reduce your price to get a client to sign on the dotted line.

✅ Start making a consistent income without burning yourself out on never-ending to-do lists.

✅ Sell your services with ease and have high quality leads coming to you excited to work together!

✅ Have systems and processes automated in your business, so things start to run on autopilot!


The program for service based solopreneurs who are ready to hit $100,000 per year, while only working 25 hours per week.


This program is for you if...

You own a business, offer a service, and:

✔️ You're so ready to leaving your 9 to 5 and be your own boss full-time, but you need to get your monthly revenue consistent before putting in your two weeks notice.

✔️ You're full-time in your business and want to $10,000 per month, without even blinking.

✔️ Your business is growing, you're hitting your income goals, but you are drowning in client work, processes, and content creation. Something has to give!


Are you nodding your head yes and ready to hit your income goal, while only working part-time hours? Then it’s time to sustainably scale your service business with Successful Solopreneur School!

1. Apply by hitting the "APPLY NOW" button below! The application is free and there are no obligations.
2. You'll then be notified shortly whether or not you're accepted, and invited to a free private training! 
In this free private training, I will walk you through my three part framework that will teach you how to consistently hit 5 figures each month while only working 25 hours or less per week.

Wondering If Successful Solopreneur is a Good Fit for Your Business?

Check out these details:


Good Fit:

✅ You already own a service business or side hustle
✅ You currently have clients and customers you work with or have worked with in the past
✅ You are making money in your business and are looking for ways to increase your current revenue or work less hours
Examples: Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Copywriter, Photographer, Nutritionist, Life Coach, Virtual Assistant, Accountant, Financial Planner, Life Coach, Business Coach

Not a Good Fit:

❌ You do not currently own or have not started a business
❌ You sell physical products
❌ You own an Etsy shop
❌ You work with an MLM
❌ You cannot do at least 50% of your work virtually
Examples: Shopify Store, Lawn Care Services, Lactation Consultant, Jewelry Maker


Hitting $5k+ months and leaving her 9-5!

"I had my first $5k month in October, my first $6k month in November, and I officially put my notice in at my day job! I am so excited for what 2021 holds! Thank you fo all your wisdom - this course has been life-changing for me! When I did my year in review, I was thinking about what the best purchase of 2020 was and Successful Solopreneur School was top of the list!"


Running her business full-time!

"I have been waiting for this day for two and half years...I just put in my two weeks notice at my day job and am going full time in my business! Excited is too tame a word for how I'm feeling!"


Landed a new client right after signing up!

"A couple weeks before I signed up, I lost one of my clients. Right after I signed up, I got one client. Today, the same client that left, messaged me begging me to take her back! When you take a leap of faith the Universe will reward you for it!"


Hitting consistent $10k months and paid off all of her credit card debt!

"Hitting consistent $10k months was an exponential growth I honestly didn’t see coming at the beginning of 2020. I told someone at the end of last year that December might be a slow month, and we might only be bringing in $7-$8k. After hearing that sentence come out of my mouth, I was like whoa! THAT’S now a slow month for me!? That’s crazy!

I’ve made so much money this year, I’ve paid off all my credit card debt, I’m looking to buy a house now, it’s just insane!"


School is in session, and this is what you get:

Everything you need to hit consistent $10,000 months WITHOUT working 40+ hours per week

P H A S E  O N E


Before you hit the ground running, we first evaluate your current business and establish your personal profit and priority goals to ensure you're making the money you want and only working when YOU want to!

You'll go through a personal finance exercise that will help you see your BIG goals are possible, and help you establish a financial foundation that will free you from feeling like you always have to make more money or live on a strict budget!

🌟 "Best. Exercise. Ever. I've tried to budget effectively in the past, and it worked okay. But this was THE BEST! It's so much more thorough that anything I've done before, and I love that we put together a Dream List!

My husband and I sat down and did this together, and it had the added benefit of helping him see the big picture too. He's really on board with everything now!

Shockingly, my numbers are A LOT smaller than I thought they would be! This lifts so much weight off of my shoulders, knowing that there's light at the end of my 9-5 tunnel of misery!" - Kelley

P H A S E  T W O


Now that you know how much money you need to bring in each month and when you want to work, it's time to build service packages that make it all possible -- and while only working 25 hours or less per week!

The best part?

You won't feel the pressure to sell your highest priced package to each client because every package you offer will align with your income and work life balance goals!

I’ll also share with you the two secrets to putting together packages that will help you have to sell less often and make it a lot easier for clients to say yes to working with you — even with productized offerings!

Oh, and you'll learn how to strategically increase your prices with current clients too!

🌟 "I made it through phase two exercises. My new hourly rate is $230 minimum, and that feels like a long-time coming. Ready to own it!" - Monica

P H A S E  T H R E E


Want to work less? Then you NEED workflows and automated systems in your business!

During this phase, you'll create automated processes in your business that make fulfilling your services streamlined and fun again!

These systems will set the right expectation with clients so you can say so long to late night emails and being available 24/7.

You'll celebrate when you get a new client instead of thinking "Oh, shit! I have so much work to do.".

🌟 "I hate to be that person but here it goes lol. How do you keep yourself from working once you’ve gotten to a good pace? I’ve created systems so I only have to work 2-3 hours on Fridays and now I’m kind of not sure what to do with myself?" - Karen

P H A S E  F O U R


The #1 complaint of service providers?

"I just can't get enough high quality leads booking calls with me!"

Well that my friend is in the past!

In phase four, you will set-up a system that gets you leads like never before.

You’ll know exactly what marketing efforts you need to focus on and where to spend your time in order to get the highest number of quality leads.

You'll build a list of eager potential clients that you can tap into anytime you're ready to on-board a new client or replace a client that is leaving.

Best part? You'll have leads coming in the door even when you aren’t working ;) That means people booking calls while you sleep or hangout at the beach 🏖️

"I have 2 consultations booked for next week from my retargeting ads and I had 2 consultations this week from Facebook Groups & 1 just turned into a client!" - Katti

P H A S E  F I V E


Let's be honest. As a business owner, you have tasks you hate doing and procrastinate doing even though you know they are an essential part of running a successful business...

Enter: Outsourcing!

In phase five, you'll figure out the best tasks and areas of your business to outsource first.

You’ll learn all the things you need to know about hiring contractors, how to find them, how much to pay them, and how to select the best ones for your business!



Let's be clear. This is NOT a course.

Yes, we have trainings and exercise to go through but this program is about building a business that aligns with YOU!

We limit the number of students in each class because I want to know your business intimately and provide you with 1:1 mentorship and feedback.

You’ll be able to submit things for critique and get 1:1 coaching in a group setting during our bi-weekly calls.

You'll also be able to get feedback from your peers and connect with classmates inside our private community!



Want to know how I scaled my business to 7-figures? This is it.

My testing system that will show you EXACTLY how to position your service, package, product, or freebie BEFORE you create them.

So you don't wait weeks and months creating something just to hear crickets...


To learn more about the Successful Solopreneur School program, all you have to do is apply below. 
The application only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation!

If accepted, you'll be invited to the my free private training where you'll learn my 3-part framework to sustainable scale your service business to $100,000+ per year.

So fill out the form below and let’s get you off the rollercoaster of where your next client will come from and onto consistent $10k months...

WITHOUT working evenings or weekends and

WITHOUT having to hire a big team.


What Students Are Saying:


Apply Below for Successful Solopreneur School

Hi, I'm Anna!

Like many millennials, I graduated with a whole lot of student loans -- more than $200K to be exact.

I watched my paychecks disappear to barely make a dent, and I was so sick of choosing between things I loved to do and staying in debt longer. I wanted to feel excited to wake up every day and work on something I actually enjoyed. 

So I started a side hustle helping small and local businesses with their marketing.

But it wasn't just any side hustle...

I built it in away that didn’t suck up all my free time, and actually made money so I could change my life.

I took one service and scaled it into a six-figure side hustle, and now a seven-figure business, in less than four years.

Today, I’ve taught over 900 entrepreneurs to build a life-changing business just like I did. 

I know the feeling of having so much ambition and wanting to build your dream life without the burnout. That was my mission. And now that I get to live it every day, my new mission is to get solopreneurs off the client hamster wheel so you can prioritize your life over those 12 hour days and a never-ending to-do list.

If you’re ready to go full-time in your business and scale your services, without working 40 hours a week, you’re in the right place.